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Qs-Pay Checkout

What is Qs-Pay Checkout?

Qs-Pay Checkout is a shopping cart developers can easily integrate into any website in minutes. With our Qs-Pay Dashboard you can add and customize checkout steps, fields, and styles. Succeeding with our product requires minimal development knowledge (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Many non-technical merchants work with developers to build unique e-commerce experiences with Qs-Pay Checkout.

How it works

Unlike many e-commerce solutions, Qs-Pay Checkout lives on your site, in its HTML client-side code. You add the shopping cart to your site just by redirecting a subdomain with a DNS Record from your domain registrar.

You just need to provide a Product object that has simple fields like name, price, description, etc.—to our SDK components. Usually, developers only need to use Qs-Pay Add To Cart Button component.

You manage orders within a user-friendly merchant dashboard. Unlike the cart, this dashboard doesn't live on your site—it's hosted on our own servers. You can access it at any time at this URL:

What's next?

Now that you know how Qs-Pay Checkout works, you're likely wondering:

  • How secure is Qs-Pay Checkout?
    • Well it's secure by default. We use a secure protocol to communicate with our servers.
    • All communications are secured through HTTPS.
    • There is a fraud mechanism in place to prevent fraud.
    • We use a PCI-compliant payment gateway.